Tander returns to GRM

GRM is very pleased to announce that a driver who began his career with GRM back in 1998 as a 21 year old and who has gone on to be a Supercar Champion, three times Bathurst winner, husband and father of two is back at GRM, Garth Tander. 

From my perspective it was great to have a driver with his skills and determination become available. “People don’t understand that when he left the team he did so on good terms. I understood the opportunity he got and it’s never been an issue to me,” Garry said.

Garth will play an important role for GRM both in and out of the car in coming years.

“A really important part of this is that people will have noticed my son Barry has been running the team equally as much as I have in recent times”.

“Garth actually lived with Barry when he first moved from Perth and the fact he knows him from those days is a great advantage.

“He had nowhere to live and I asked Barry if he had a spare bed for a couple of nights.  Two years later Garth was still there and his girlfriend Leanne would often stay over.  Barry finally told Garth after multiple sleepovers that it may be time for Garth to find his own place.  The rest is history!”

“I am still energetic but I am not quite as energetic as I was.”

“Garth’s business acumen is important; he is very smart as well as being a great driver so I think he will be a person to help Barry not only maintain but also grow the team."

“I have no doubt that Garth will be a serious contender on track.”

“As a driver he has a few good years left in him in my opinion and whether that’s two or ten I don’t know.”

“There will be stage when Garth decides to step back from full time driving and then we would look at maybe endurance races and helping us with our young drivers.”

“I know he has a lot of positives for us, the team and all our sponsor group.”

“In the meantime, we are preparing our cars for testing prior to the first event in Adelaide, this may require some additional energy and effort from the GRM team until we are able to finalise the engine configuration for our cars.”