Fujitsu Racing GRM Ready for the 2013 season


Having announced our driver line up several weeks ago, we have a number of other exciting changes to announce.

Scott will be racing in number 33 this year. When he rolled his first go kart out of the trailer, at the tender age of 6, coincidentally it happened to be number 33 and he continued his kart racing with 33. We have always had number 33 and 34 in more recent years and saw no reason not to do this again. Perhaps Scott was always destined to be part of the GRM Team. Scott will be well supported this year, working with our engineering team headed up by Richard Hollway.


The traditional GRM number 34, which Garry raced for many of his 50 years, will be with Alex. 

We have had several new staff members, one of which is an engineering recruit, Manuel Sanchez. Manuel has joined GRM from Europe, most recently he was with Renault and Peugeot in Europe and Argentina. In the short time that we have spent with him so far he fits in well with all the boys and girls and we are soon to find out more about his engineering expertise. 


As we have previously mentioned our COTF program has been running smoothly and is nearing completion, this is due to our hard working team led by our Team Manager, Pier Orsi and the engineering expertise of Richard Hollway. We have been fortunate to have Richard on board and to use his expertise in developing our cars. 


Pier was certainly the driving force of our COTF program. He first started with GRM back in 2003, before leaving us in 2009 for a stint in Formula One with Red Bull Racing. Garry was able to convince Pier to return to the team in mid 2011 as our Team Manager.  

During Pier’s first stint with us he was instrumental in developing a great team, we had a number of young people join our team during that time, including a number of young engineers through the SAE program, Dean Cowling and Jacob Rayner were two of these guys. Dean and Jacob have gone on to become key members of our Engineering team today.

With our COTF development near completion Pier has made the decision to return to Europe and Formula One. Due to his great work in developing our team, it was only natural that we looked internally for someone to step up into his role of Team Manager.

We are very pleased to announce that Dean Cowling will be progressing into the role of Team Manager.

After 10 years Tony (Tfa) Brenton has left us to pursue his farming interests. Tfa has tried to leave a number of times over the years but Garry has always been able to talk him into staying, unfortunately not this time, he will be missed. For anyone who has previously dealt with Tfa, please now contact Sally Parkinson. Sally will already be known to many of you as she has been with us for the past 3 years, working with Tfa and the team.

One of our greatest acquisitions during the off season is Ray Robins. Most of you I am sure will recognise Ray’s beaming head as he has been involved with Supercars from its inception, working for them in many various activities and when we saw he was available he was perfect to replace Tfa. He will be working alongside Sally assisting with pit tour activities and other various tasks at the track.

As we have always done, we have employed a number of TAFE students to complete their apprenticeships with us this year. This included, Kieron Woodger, a young apprentice from Queensland. Kieron joined the team as a volunteer for the Gold Coat round last year and we have now transferred his indentures to complete his apprenticeship with the team.

For those of you who are not aware Scott McLaughlin as well as being a proficient driver is also completing his apprenticeship as a Fabricator. We have also transferred his indentures to our race shop, where he will be working alongside all the boys helping build and prepare our cars for each event. Hopefully he will not have to repair his own car too often!

The COTF build has put Scott Compson and our Composite team under a huge amount of pressure. Scott has mustered a very competent group of workers around him and they have done an excellent job with all the body and panel changes that needed to be made for this huge task.